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            No Van Gaal agenda, says Scholes | China Development Bank to issue B&R project loans in three years | 设为首页 | 加入收藏
          • Artist gets fuzzy feeling about animal hair
          • Fifth Apple store in China to open in Shanghai|China
          • China Pacific Insurance reports premium income growth in first four months
            [Liu Qinli/Asianewsphoto]. [2018/7/23]
            Zhao said one possible reason could be that under calorie restriction all nutrients can be absorbed by the host, with only dietary fibers left for gut bacteria. [2016/2/31]
            Various levels of Party committees should reinforce the implementation of the campaign to ensure that it will not end in shouting slogans, Liu said. [2015/10/7]
            The announcement was met by a huge roar from about 100 men packed inside an auditorium of what appeared to be the Donetsk administration building. [2015/1/21]
            But policymakers have stepped in with a series of measures aimed at stabilizing the economy, including quickening railway investment and public housing construction and introducing policies to help smaller companies with financing needs. [2018/1/13]
            Xu Zhong, the chief conductor and art director of the Bellini Opera House, the first Asian art director to work in Italy’s famous opera houses, will be conducting at the concert; and the audience can also enjoy a fabulous performance by Huang Mengla, the gold prize winner of the Paganini Violin Contest. [2018/4/19]
            A florist finds romance can be a profitable business as he gets a bouquet ready for Valentines Day in Beijing on Wednesday. [2017/9/24]
            GUO JUNFENG/CHINA DAILYEditors note: In the run-up to the 19th Communist Party of China National Congress, China Daily will cover a series of key projects of national importance, showcasing the countrys huge improvement and relentless efforts in manufacturing upgrade and innovation. [2016/7/26]
            Three men stole more than 50 sheep in Zhucheng, Shandong province, just to satisfy their appetite for lamb kebab, Qilu Evening News reported on Monday. [2017/2/15]
            >The index tracks the yuans offshore indicators, including the amount of deposits, loans and trading volume, to reflect the currencys level of involvement in global trade and investment. [2017/6/10]
            The number of rich people with personal wealth of 10 million yuan and above grew by 22,000 this year to reach 181,000. [2015/11/21]
            The team plans to submit its results to a scientific journal this week, said its leader, John Kovac of Harvard. [2015/8/24]
            Li Zhi works at a state-owned enterprise in Beijing. [2016/12/15]
            The government austerity drive and a slowing economy have dealt blows to the sale of consumer goods, particularly luxury brands and high-end products, Wang Zhuoqiong reportsChinas slowing economy, as well as the government anti-corruption campaign, have weakened the growth of many international companies. [2019/12/20]
            Still photo from My Love from the Star. [2019/4/7]
            5 percent in 2012 and 73. [2016/2/16]
          Pulling the cord on constraint   更多>>
            It said suggested meant they were encouraged to do it, and mandatory ligation was not allowed. [2016/8/4]
            Qi Guanjie stays in bed all day and his parents made a urinal for him, March 7, 2013. [2016/4/23]
            A visitor tries a 3,300 ppi portable cinema system in the 17th China Hi-tech Fair (CHTF) in Shenzhen, south Chinas Guangdong province, Nov 16, 2015. [2019/3/26]
            Haven for funds Australian property has long been a popular choice for Chinese money - both legitimate and illegitimate - but the flow of investment appears to have accelerated. [2017/9/8]
            A “package class” is where a Chinese teacher and math teacher are responsible for teaching students together. [2016/11/2]
            Nation to push industrial capacity cooperation with regional partnersChina and ASEAN member countries expressed support on Tuesday for closer economic and trade cooperation in a wide range of sectors, ranging from traditional industrial capacity to high-tech innovation. [2017/5/19]
            It has attracted 46 foreign investment projects totaling . [2016/3/10]
            But those responsible have been warned by Wangs law firm that they have no legal right to exhibit a rubber duck. [2019/6/3]
            But telecom carriers can also leverage the new operators distribution channels, brands and customer relationships to develop new market segments, Yang pointed out. [2018/12/14]
            China has delivered all 15 subway trains that will operate on Line Four, between the Olympic village and the Copacabana game center, in Rio de Janeiro, the first time Chinese railway development has catered for an overseas Olympic Games. [2019/4/3]
          学术动态   更多>>
            While other units of the PLA have been cut back in recent years, the aviation unit has been expanding, even establishing flight schools. [2016/9/26]
            The ministry required that those who need from 10 to 90 days care should be cared for at the aid stations, rather than being transferred to a care center operated by a third party. [2018/5/31]
            Eight students and two teachers of the primary school pose for a picture at Shengouzhang Primary School, in Agan county, Lanzhou, in Northwest Chinas Gansu province, Dec 12, 2012. [2019/5/22]
            The action movie star turned politician will become group executive editor for the magazines Flex, and Muscle & Fitness, writing monthly columns in the publications and their online websites, American Media said on Friday. [2019/12/04]
            But even with Apples most staunchest defenders in Beijing, price still seemed to be an issue. [2019/4/7]
            He believed that the presidents visit can strengthen the comprehensive strategic cooperative ties between China and Myanmar. [2016/11/13]
            The Shanghai Tower under construction on May 28, 2012. [2015/10/12]
            The majority of the surveyed M&A practitioners believe that the number of Chinese outbound M&A transactions will grow as much as 30 percent in the coming year, it said. [2018/6/7]
            A factor in the labor shortage was an imbalance in educational priorities, with a greater focus on academic subjects at the cost of other subjects, according to Chen Yu, vice-president of the China Association of Employment Promotion. [2018/12/31]
            Trouble marred PSGs previous home match against Bayer Leverkusen last month. [2015/5/14]

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